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Basic set of 5 beans thick cotton positioning pillows. posing beans come ready to use. no filling or extra preparation necessary

no zippers or any other sharp objects are part of this design.

all made from soft fabric which keeps those beans from sliding during use.
Use under blankets to prop baby up, in basket and beds. No more using rolled up towels !



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Erin Tole:
first time using experience:
I’m not gonna lie- I am a die hard ‘fluff’ user, but I tried hard today to utilize the beans, and they were great! I didn’t use any of my usual “wads of stuff” at all, and things went pretty seamlessly. I noticed they were particularly awesome for poses where things usually slide around, like tushy up pose- so super easy with the beans

Rachel Vanoven: happy dancing!! no fluff, no rolled blankets, super easy! My favorite part is how SMOOTH the final outcome is with the beans 🙂 Thanks for making such great products, Gabriela <3

Beans make every session better <3 — at Sleepy Owl Studios.

Butterfly Kiss Photography: I just can’t get over how much your posing beans have helped me with my beanbag posing flow! I used to dread beanbag poses because I struggled with all the “stuff” moving around and flattening before I could get my pose the way I wanted it….never anymore! I am able to get the poses quicker and even have success with poses I was never doing well before, like the womb/taco pose.

Lavender&Sage photography: highly recommend them, one of my best purchases this year!

Eyris Photography: Posing beans for the win!! I used beans for posing for 95% of my session! Bye bye rolled up blankets.

Fay Simcha‎:
The beans are awesome!! Thank you Gabriela Koopmans for an amazing product!

Jade Gao:
“I certainly didn’t expect much from the beans but jeez they changed my life and the way I do my sessions!! I now can’t live without them!

They are shaped perfectly so no sharp edge is sticking out to be seen in any images and they are at the right firmness soft enough for babies but hard enough not to be squished down to keep the baby in
position. Beanbag poses, basket poses and flokati poses, you name it the beans do the trick!



Heidi Olsen Sakallah

 I have so many beans all over when I’m shooting, its like a bean bomb goes off! I *might* have three sets. 😉 Beans are a major time saver! Everyone should have at least two sets!

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Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Box Dimensions 23 × 31 × 11 cm

Basic 5 beans, De luxe 8 beans, FINE TUNING 5 small beans


  1. Tanefski (verified owner)

    These are perfect! Amazing colors, great craftsmanship, and super customer service! They are perfect for beanbag, buckets, baskets, and so much more. Thank you for these sweet little gems <3

  2. Leanna Woodley (verified owner)

    I love these posing beans! Not only are they extremely useful in every newborn session but they’re soft and adorable so my sitters love playing with them in my studio. Helpful product with great quality and excellent customer service! http://Www.leannawoodleyphotography.com

  3. Andrea

    Great for posing! Life chager:)

  4. Dina Duchan

    I don’t know how I worked with these before! It’s so much easier and the work environment is so neat and professional-looking! I love the beans!!

  5. Marsha

    Honestly at first I was skeptical – I was kind of set in my ways. Once I tried these beans I was hooked! They are absolutely amazing and I can’t do beanbag poses without them now! Can’t say enough good things about them, or recommend them enough!

  6. Natalie Colbert

    Can’t do my job without them! Perfect product! Thanks OPB

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