BLACK E.Tole Prop Pillow

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Black Velvet version of our popular E Tole Pillow.

requested by Erin Tole , created by The Original Photoblocks Props.
Prop Pillow is made to be used in PROPS as bowls, tins and buckets, this pillow has a special lining to keep babies comfortable on the edge of props.
In buckets or tins, we recommend using the pillow the thinner side up ( see pictures )
In bowls * see pictured. The thicker side up, with ( or without ) little elbow pillows.
The founder of the company The Original Photo Blocks B.V., a company that is devoted to inventing, creating and eventually selling unique props which are used as aids to photographers. We rely on the revenue and profits that are generated by the sales of these props. The Original Photoblocks PROPS is the copyright holder of the Work, and has the exclusive right to commercially reproduce the Work and to distribute these products. The Work is protected by copyright. Therefore, the Work may not be reproduced or made public without the explicit authorization or valid license given by the maker.


see in use here:


  • spot clean only

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see in use here :

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Box Dimensions 34 × 22 × 10 cm


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