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The Mother Bean is made of a thick quality teddy.

Size of the bag: 70 cm wide and 27 cm high
The BeanBag has 1 handle to make moving it a breeze.
There are 2 large pockets lined with silk on the side of the beanbag. Perfect for beans, white noise, memory cards and your hair ties 😉

The insides of the beanbag are strengthened with foam to make sure it will keep its shape even after a while.

The bag comes without filling.
( we recommend styrofoam filling mixed with upholstery shredded foam to avoid heaviness )
You can always adjust the amount of filling based on your preferences.


TIP: Spray your beanbag or nap top with water resist spray ( the one you use on shoes ) and those little accidents will become very easy to clean.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Bean Bag is made with extra strong fabric and heavy-duty threads but we still advise everyone to be careful while handling/filling the Bean Bag. DO NOT: overstuff the beanbag- make it too heavy with blankets and pillows. Follow our filling instructions.
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Weight 2 kg
Box Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm

Emerald, Black, Mint, Yellow, Pink, Gold


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