DE LUXE Potato Sack Pose BEAN

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oh, the potato pose!
it’s time to get it right!

This bean is made to make all babies shape nice and round.
To support and keep them stable in this pose.

NIKKI CRINITI review – Deluxe Potato Bean Review –

FINALLYYYY. A potato sack wrap “device” thats FOOL PROOF.
No exaggeration! fool.proof.
It doesn’t require an additional stretchy outer wrap to get the shape and is ridiculously easy to use!!
Side note: this is the 4th potato sack wrap poser that I’ve tried (including the photoblocks original potato sack bean) and 2 others from another vendor. It’s  HANDS DOWN the easiest to use and gives the best results.
1.) stretchy base wrap. Doesn’t even have to be pretty
2.) Deluxe potato bean. Lay it on baby & tie it in the back (literally SO EASY). It’s already the perfect shape, you don’t need to add any additional stretch layers over this to shape it.
3.) Pretty outer wrap & pose.
Reminder, the trick with potato sack pose is to have the head higher than the body, giving a optical illusion of a smaller body. If you lay baby flat you will have a photo with a small head and big oval body…..(no matter which PS poser you use) 😬

Anyway 10/10 recommend this over other potato sack posers.

Evie Deaton review:

So I bought the deluxe potato bean after seeing Nikki Criniti review on it and OMG, it’s freaking amazing!
I’ve tried all the things and this is hands down the fastest and easiest way to do this wrap!
The shape is literally perfect and I didn’t have to do any liquify! 🤯🤯
Thank you for making this one and I’ll use it forever! 🤣🙌


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I had a feeling we needed to update our potato bean.
It just needed small improvements.
This one stretches, has ties, more fluff in the middle rather than the sides.
More space for little hands out.
It’s the LUXE version of our potato bean ❤
Hope you guys LIKE IT!

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4 reviews for DE LUXE Potato Sack Pose BEAN

  1. Fru

    Absolute game changer! Loved the first edition, but this is easier to use and the shape is just PERFECT! No more liquifying or using lots of layers of wrap for the lovely round look 💓

  2. Jemma Slater Photography

    The easiest & best thing I’ve ever used for perfectly round potatoes. No second guessing & no nonsense which is exactly what you need during a newborn session.

  3. Samantha Wentzell

    I used to struggle to get that perfect round shape, and would spend sooo much time liquifying my images to get it. Once I got this posing bean, my workflow completely changed. Its made this so easy, and its so easy to use! I’ll never do a session without it again!

  4. Carrie Ferris Photography

    Best tool I have used (and I’ve tried a lot!) for the perfect potato pose. Rarely have to liquify which is amazing 🤩

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