Potato Sack Pose BEAN brown

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oh, the potato pose!
it’s time to get it right!

This bean is made to make all babies shape nice and round.
To support and keep them stable in this pose.

Together with Erin we developed this amazing potato pose helper.

We HIGHLY recommend Erin Tole Wrap videos if you don’t already have them. Our potato bean gives your newborns the perfect amount of “roundness” to create a gorgeous photo. Get your confidence and knowledge about the unique way Erin wraps her babies! Erin Tole Wrapping Video  


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Additional information

Weight 0,500 kg
Box Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm

Beige, Dark Grey

4 reviews for Potato Sack Pose BEAN brown

  1. Melissa Berry Photography

    This Potato Bean creates the perfect round shape for a wrapped baby! I am Sooooo glad I got this! It cut out the Liquify Photoshop action I was using to create a that round shape. It stays a Perfect shape the whole time!!

  2. Tina Moeller

    Simplest way to get the perfect round potato sack!


  3. Aimee-Jo Ahmed (verified owner)

    Perfect perfect perfect!

    I’ve never achieved such a perfect rounded potato wrap without the need for stuffing. This bean allows me the perfect add on which adds around 1-2 seconds more to place on. I’ll never wrap for a potato sack again without it!


  4. Naomi Novak-Poznanski

    Great tool for photographers to achieve a look without much work!

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